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James Cork | Producer

James grew up in French-speaking Switzerland. After completing his college studies in England, he took an apprenticeship as a 3D poly-designer in Vevey, Switzerland, before moving to Montréal for 1 year to study Media Technology for Film & Television.

During the course he learned about the varied roles on a film set, from sound engineer to editing, ighting and camera work. He shot his first short film “The Intransigence of Inanimate Objects” on Super 16 at Mel’s Studios.

After a short time in the Swiss Army, he moved back to London and worked on both short and feature films in the art departments; starting as an assistant and working his way to art director and production designer. In 2010, he was hired as a director at Animated Storyboard UK to direct test commercials for advertising agencies worldwide.

After 4 years, having directed around 300 animatics, he moved on to freelancing in order to work in live action. He recently directed and produced a short film, shot in 16mm, called “A Boy’s Tale” and he is now collaborating and developing several projects whilst following an online course learning 3D for VFX to enhance his post-production skills.

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