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Lost Seoul is the inspirational true story of one man’s struggle to survive and reunite with his family, after becoming lost in a crowded train station in Seoul.

The story begins in 1962 post-Korean War in Busan, a city on the south-east of South Korea, when six-year-old Kim Ji Soo and his two older brothers (Yae Soo, 8 and Kyong Soo, 10) are mysteriously abandoned by their parents, leaving them in their modest hut to fend for themselves.

The boys journey through the war-ravaged countryside, begging for food and struggling to survive, with their eldest brother Kyong Soo taking on the role as the younger brothers’ carer.

When their search leads them to find shelter among poor distant relatives, Kyong Soo takes a job at the train station. But one day, when a curious Ji Soo follows his brother to work, he gets lost among the crowds of people all around him and becomes separated from what family he has left.

Alone and forced to survive the world as an orphan, Ji Soo doesn’t realise this is only the first step in a journey beyond his control; one that will take him halfway across the world and then back to South Korean for an emotional search for the family he never wanted to leave.

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