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Aya Chun | Researcher & Coordinator

Between 2017 and 2019 Aya worked on a wide range of programmes that were broadcast on South Korean channels including Begin Again (Seasons 1 & 2), Looking For Trouble, Carefree Travellers, Stage K, Lan Life, Salty Tour, The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge, Where On Earth? and Taste Of Wife.
Her main role when working with various Korean broadcasting companies, including KBS, MBS, JTBC and tvN, was to ensure the production teams had everything needed to film abroad, from preparing necessary paperwork to planning logistics and organising accommodation.
One of Aya’s responsibilities with Lost Seoul is to be the conduit between the film crew from the UK and the production team in South Korea. Aya is fluent in Korean and will also play an important role to ensure that the Korean language elements of the script are faithful to local dialects and that they properly reflect the time when the film is set; she will also ensure that the film is respectful of the South Korean culture. 

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