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  • Aya Chun joins the team

    The director and producers of the film are delighted to announce that Aya Chun has joined the Lost Seoul team.

    Aya studied filmmaking at Kingston University where she made her first short documetaries and for the last 10 years, she has been working in the television industry.

    Between 2017 and 2019 Aya worked on a wide range of programmes that were broadcast on South Korean channels, including:

    • JTBCBegin Again (Seasons 1 & 2); Looking for Trouble (Season 2); Carefree TravelersStage KLan Life 
    • tvNSalty TourThe Dictionary of Useless Knowledge (Season 2)
    •  KBSWhere on Earth
    • TV-ChosunTaste of Wife 

    Her main role when working with various Korean broadcasting companies, including KBS, MBC, JTBC and tvN, was to help the production teams have everything they needed to be able to film abroad, from preparing all the necessary paperwork to planning logistics and organising accommodation. 

    One of Aya’s responsibilities with Lost Seoul is to be the conduit between the film crew from the UK and the production team in South Korea. Aya is fluent in Korean and will also play an important role to ensure that the Korean language elements of the script are faithful to local dialects and that they properly reflect the time when the film is set, and she will also ensure that the film is respectful of the South Korean culture. 

    Aya will also support the casting director when it comes to selecting South Korean actors for the various roles.

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  • Lost Seoul now listed on IMDb

    Lost Seoul’s details have now been added to the Internet Movie Database, IMDb, one of the most comprehensive online resources for all things related to film and television productions, along with details of events and celebrity news.

    You can see Lost Seoul’s listing here: IMDb although whilst the film is still in development it is only available to IMDb Pro users.

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  • Watch the trailer

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  • Hello China

    We are delighted to announce that members of the team have added details of the film to Welbo, the Chinese version of Facebook.

    You can visit Lost Seoul’s pages here.

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  • Welcome on board

    We’re delighted to welcome to the team Ruth Ingamells and Sarah Horwell.

    Ruth is a production designer, concept artist and storyboard artist currently based in London. She studied technical drawing for film and television under David Henry at the London film school, and has a Masters in World Literature from Oxford University. She has been involved with ITV’s ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, British feature film ‘London Town’, as well as multiple short films, commercials and music videos.

    Sarah has joined the team as creative producer and is currently helping to shape the script development with Nicola and Matt. She is passionate about bringing good stories to the screen. Sarah has written, produced and directed a number of short films of her own, some of which are credited on IMDb, alongside other film credits for award winning shorts with emerging international talent. She works freelance for web, TV, shorts and feature films, while growing her screen, script and creative media brand,

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  • The script is nearing completion

    The script for Lost Seoul has been written by Matt Herzog and is now going through the final proofreading stages.

    SHY Films and Jin Stearns are delighted to be working with Matt who has written and produced a number of screenplays. He produced Living Will (2010), Hallows’ Eve (2013), and also co-wrote Cybergenesis (2014) and Don’t Worry About It (2015).

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  • Lost Seoul by Jin Stearns

    Welcome to the new website that has been launched to promote and support the production of SHY Films’ latest project: ‘Lost Seoul’ written by Jin Stearns.

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