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Simon Turton | Publicity

Simon runs Opera PR & Communications, a boutique PR consultancy for clients mainly in the architecture, design, property and creative industries.

Working as part of the ‘Lost Seoul” team, Simon is looking after the film’s website (that his agency designed), which will become an increasingly important tool in the promotion of the screenplay as it moves into production.

Amongst his current clients, Simon is working with London-based writer, Robert Silver, who has written a screenplay about the life of Hereward the Wake, “Wake, The Last Saxon”, which is set in the years following the Norman Conquest of 1066. Robert has also written a stage play based on the life of the infamous French-born highwayman, Claud Duval, who worked the roads in and around London in the 18th century.

Simon has introduced the screenplay to a number of leading UK-based production companies and is working closely with Robert to get the film into production.

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