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Nicola Houghton | Producer

Nicola Houghton joined the team as a producer, with responsibility for script development.

Nicola’s recent experience includes working as a script consultant with debut director Stephen Johnson on The Fire Within, in pre-production with Cowboy Cosmonaut and is also working in development on a number of film projects with the same team.

Having worked in development for over 10 years, Nicola has learnt her craft reading for many leading TV and film companies, including the BBC Writers Academy.

She has a passion for strong writing talent and has also worked as a dramaturg for the Old Vic. Nicola has a strong track record in managing production and post-production, and over the past 12 years has worked for BBC Comedy & Drama, including EastEnders, A Thing Called Love, Mrs Brown’s Boys, It’s Kevin, The Kennedy’s, Inbetweeners. Nicola worked on Warner Bros’ Syriana, for ITV Drama and on The Kindness of Strangers.

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